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To become a Readymix and Precast Concrete Industry Company and Construction Services Company that is Trusted, Leading and Growing Sustainable.


  1. Fulfilling customer needs for Innovative and High Quality Products and Services with Guaranteed Satisfaction with Quality, Quantity and Timeliness.

  2. Developing Effective and Efficient Resources and Digitizing Business Processes to Increase Competitiveness.

  3. Creating High Value for Shareholders, and Society.

  4. Creating a Safe Work Environment  based on Safety, Occupational Health, and Environment, as well as Developing Competence, and Employee Welfare.




  • Quality Management System consistently,

  • reliable Information Management System,

  • Efficient and reliable Operations Management System,

  • Occupational Health and Safety Management System (K3),

  • Corporate Governance Guidelines based on Good Corporate Governance  (GCG) and compliance with applicable regulations.

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